There was only the smallest of sounds when She came into existence.  She was alone.  She was in the void.  With only the darkness and silence as her companions.  For Four-hundred years she existed.  Until She thought.  Then she lived, then she created.  She created the lights to guide her, and the soil to guide her voice and the orders it carried with the voice of the Gods.  And the soil obeyed only the voice of the Gods.  The soil formed worlds and stars without number, and by her command, the soil created man.   Man was her greatest creation, true life like her.  Her love for them was great and because of this love, She gave them the sunstones.  The sunstones were created to guide the humans in Her absence.  The three stones found the planet where resided the humans and there they stayed guiding the humans for three-thousand years.  What She had not foreseen though was the rebellion of the soil.  The soil was jealous of the humans which had gained the favor of the First.  The soil hid the stones deep beneath the surface of the life-planet, never to enlighten the unseeing humans.

In the beginning there were only the smallest of tribes of humans and a few small tent or mud villages that were built near sources of water or food.  This continued for two millennia until it was found.

The unnamed gatherer (for all were unnamed at this time) had wandered too far from the river.  Easy food was in short supply and the simple beast had followed the smell of dead meat.  She followed the scent deep into the jungle quickly forgetting her home and the protection it offered, the protection she was forsaking by stepping foot into the jungle.  The wounded animal, was not dead, though its rotting flesh hung limply off its side.  This animal too wandered through the jungle to a rocky desert to the north and farther on to the base of a mountain, and deep into a cave, where it laid to die.  The simple gatherer followed the smell of meat through the jungle, across the desert, and dying of dehydration, into the cave.  Finding the long-dead animal already stripped of its precious meat, the gatherer continued farther into the cave, this time following the slight drip of water.  She carried on for hours through cave, knowing by instinct that she would die if she did not.  At last she passed through a small hole in the cave floor, barely a foot wide.  She crawled through with her last bout of strength.  The room did not hold the water she had hoped, but something much more precious.  The simple stone room glowed brightly despite being deep in a cave.  The light though, was not from the outside.  Instead it came from a large stone set into the opposite wall.  The stone shone above the brightness of the sun.  Naturally averting her eyes the gatherer approached the shining object, reaching out she laid a finger on the sunstone.  Widening her eyes, Sophia looked around her again.  Suddenly aware of her surroundings.  She was no longer thirsty nor was she hungry, and she knew what this stone meant.  It meant the salvation of her people.  Their numbers were dwindling and so was the food, but with this intelligence they could overcome.  Returning quickly to her village she was disgusted by their ramshackle shelters and poor lifestyle.  She easily found food and water, and was able to lead her people back to the stone.  Without having to be told, they one by one reached out to the stone and achieved sentience.

Over the next decade every human would naturally come to find this place and be graciously brought in and allowed to touch the stone.  Every living human then had the ability to think for themselves and make decisions.  Sophia’s tribe continued to guard the stone as their own possession, only allowing others to touch it and leave the cave.  All attempts to remove the stone were futile, so eventually a city grew up in the mountains and stone deserts around the cave, this city consisted of small wooden walls, and log huts.  But over the next many hundreds of years it would grow into a metropolis and the capital of a large empire.  The royal family of Sophia was still in possession of the stone, granting them long life, and great wealth and power.  Crops grew in abundance, armies won impossible battles, and all in the empire were content.  The name of the city became Larent-nahm meaning City of Stone in the Larentia tongue, and the empire was called Larent of the Larentian people.  There were many wars fought in Larent and Larent-nahm over the stone, but the Larentian people always quickly dispatched these threats.  Due to their repeated failures, many gave up the fight and basked in the wealth of trade with Larent-nahm.  Others though still harbored grudges against the most powerful empire in the world.

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